Electronics Solutions Sales Dept.
Global Procurement and Sales Section/Tokai Sales Section

As a Specialist In Overseas Procurement, We Respond To Various Needs.

From product development to delivery, we meet the quality requirements of our customers by proposing procurement from the most suitable locations on a global scale and by implementing our own quality control scheme and system in procurement.

Main Items Handled

・Exterior, mechanical, and transmission processing components for home appliances, resin molding, and precision metal and glass processing products
・Products for nursing care, welfare and facilities (mattresses, cushions, beds, shoes, etc.)

Electronic Materials

We offer domestic and overseas procurement of everything from die manufacturing to products for home appliances, including stamping, die-casting, cutting, etc., in accordance with customer applications, regardless of appearance or mechanism.

Processed Glass Products

We can also provide quality solutions unique to glass products, such as tempered (printed) glass for appearance applications, crystallized glass, procurement of various glass products, quality inspection systems to meet your requirements, and inspection outsourcing.

Unit Processing, Consignment Production

We provide total manufacturing solutions, including proposals for rationalization of schemes and logistics, regardless of domestic or overseas suppliers, from procurement of various parts and materials to processing, units, consignment of product production, inspection systems, and logistics according to requirements.

Various Mechanical Components, Hose Components, Electrical Components

We propose domestic and overseas procurement of various materials to meet diversity, required specifications, and quality.

Products and Materials For Nursing Care and Welfare, Facilities

Utilizing our overseas network in China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, we provide excellent Japanese nursing care products, materials for facilities, and health promotion goods. In the aging society, which is accelerating worldwide
We will propose solutions to our customers by providing the latest information.