New Business Development

Propose new solutions in collaboration with group companies

Our New Business Division develops and deploys new products and services that incorporate the latest technologies, while collaborating with highly specialized group companies.

We create added value by collecting and combining technical information from various fields. We are striving to create services that meet a wider range of needs.

Information On Development Projects

We have our own brand products that incorporate the latest technology and add value to appeal to a variety of markets.


This is a private brand of cushioning products that uses a special three-dimensional lattice-shaped gel material that has been developed for medical and nursing care products. We propose products that “protect the body” against fatigue in various everyday situations, such as sitting for long periods of time for hobbies or work, or carrying heavy equipment or luggage.

In addition to cushions and wrist rests for desk work, we are working on sequentially expanding our product lineup to include shoulder pads that attach to the shoulder straps of bags.

Load Absorption Capacity

The three-dimensional lattice gel flexibly changes its shape according to the irregularities of the body, reducing localized pressure.

It also has excellent load-absorbing power in the diagonal direction, such as “twisting and shifting,” and reduces pain and numbness in the contact area by reducing the pull and pressure on the skin.

Breathability and Washability

The three-dimensional lattice-shaped gel contains many layers of air, and its unique pumping action works to expel the stuffy air as the body moves, so it can always be used with a light and comfortable feeling.

The structure of the gel makes it easy to wash with water, so it can always be used cleanly.

Shape Stability and Durability

The three-dimensional lattice gel is four to five times more durable than ordinary urethane materials. Furthermore, it returns to its original state even after repeated prolonged pressure on the same spot, so you can always use it comfortably with a constant hardness.


“ZERO TOUCH” is a system package of software and devices that proposes a “non-contact” system for various applications, based on a “non-contact system” that allows users to touch images in the air like a touch panel.

The product uses the “airborne display” technology, in which the light emitted by the high-luminance monitor built into the housing is reflected by a special plate to form an image in an empty space, making it appear as if the monitor screen is floating in the air.

Examples Of System Packages Under Development and Advantages Of Their Introduction

Reception Systems For Offices

A non-contact, touch-operated reception and call system. The system comes with a modem, microphone, and speaker, and allows users to call extensions without touching the buttons or handset.

By minimizing the chance of touching the buttons and handset of the telephone, it contributes to reducing the risk of infection caused by contact.

Questionnaire System For Exhibitions

A non-contact, touch-activated questionnaire system. The system comes with a scanner for business cards, which makes it possible to link the business card information read by image recognition with the questionnaire response information and manage it.

By eliminating the need to hand over questionnaires and pens, this system contributes to reducing the risk of infection through contact.

Reception System For Exhibitions

A non-contact, touch-operated reception system. The system comes with a printer device and a scanner for business cards, enabling non-face-to-face management of business card information and printing of entrance passes.

By reducing face-to-face contact as much as possible, it contributes to reducing the risk of infection caused by droplets, etc.

Other Business

The New Business Section is constantly gathering information on new products, systems, and services in order to respond to the needs of the times.

Container and Trailer Business

For corporate welfare programs and property investment projects, we offer proposals such as fitness systems in movable, completely private spaces using containers and trailer houses.

Infection Prevention and Control Products

We handle high-quality infection prevention products such as antibacterial SIAA-marked droplet infection prevention partitions and anti-viral/anti-bacterial films for use in various events and stores.

Air Room Sterilization Device

We deal in space sterilization equipment, including photocatalytic sterilizers and deodorizers, and offer proposals for workplace improvement together with other products.