Chemicals Sales Dept.

The Value Of MEISEI In Supporting Society

As our core business, we provide various chemical products for diverse applications such as synthetic resins, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, paper manufacturing, paints and inks, electrical and electronics, and adhesives.
In recent years, we have been actively promoting the development and import of high-quality raw materials from Europe, the United States, China, India, and other countries, as well as consignment production of fine chemicals through tie-ups with domestic and overseas manufacturers, in an effort to provide our own high-value-added products.

Main Items Handled

We will provide sustainable business proposals based on the competitiveness and environmental responsiveness required of the chemical industry as the Japanese economy changes.

Basic Chemicals

We offer a wide range of main and secondary raw materials for basic chemicals that are indispensable for industry and daily life. In addition, we will focus on the development of anti-COVID-19 products and environment-related products that have had a major impact on our lives in recent years. ●Petrochemicals in general ●Inorganic/organic industrial chemicals in general ●Polymerization initiators/regulators ●Antioxidants, flame retardants, lubricants and other additives ●Dyes and pigments

Fine Chemical

We are actively engaged in the development of functional chemicals that open up new possibilities, such as amines, chemicals for electronic material-related manufacturing processes, functional dyes, and intermediates for various applications.
●Amines (alkyl amines, amino alcohols, pyridines, etc.) ●Pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical intermediates ●Dyeing and pigment intermediates

Dyestuffs and Auxiliaries

Since its establishment, MEISEI has been focusing on the development of color-related products, mainly dyestuffs and auxiliaries for textiles, as well as highly functional processing agents. We propose new values such as cool sensation processing and warm sensation processing based on MEISEI’s technical knowledge.
●Dyestuffs and pigments (disperse, reactive, acidic, chromium, etc.), ●dyeing auxiliaries (refined bleaching, penetration, uniform dyeing, enzymes, etc.), ●high-performance processing agents (skin conditioning, warmth, coolness, etc.)

Overseas Product Development

In order to respond to the severe competition in the Japanese domestic market and global environmental regulations, we are promoting the diversification of our procurement sources by taking a detailed approach, from searching for overseas products to providing guidance on quality control, and introducing them to the Japanese market. In addition to Europe and the U.S., we have achieved remarkable results from China, India, Russia, and many other countries by utilizing our overseas network.