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Advanced Materials To Connect With The Future

We handle products that can be proposed in a wide range of fields, from main materials to process materials, including electronic materials, films, resins and molded products, and stainless steel fibers. By constantly obtaining and providing the latest information, we are developing “proposal-based sales,” in which we work together to develop next-generation products, and we also focus on contributing to “cooperative sales,” in which we work together to solve current problems. We will continue to contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives by responding promptly to a wide range of fields in Japan and around the world.

Main Items Handled

Electronic materials related, films related, stainless steel fiber related, resins and molded products related

Electronic Materials

Copper Laminate

We handle electronic circuit board materials such as single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered printed wiring materials and flexible printed wiring board materials. We also provide outsourced production of printed circuit boards (single-sided to multi-layered printed circuit boards).

Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials

We have a variety of epoxy encapsulating materials (liquid and tablet) that can be used for high heat resistance and high thermal conductivity. In addition, adhesives and underfill materials are increasingly being used to reinforce the mounting of packages that require long-term reliability.

Various Sub-materials

We handle dicing tapes used for picking chip components. Please feel free to contact us for more information, including widths for each inch and precuts. We also handle release paper for paper substrates.


We handle a wide variety of binders for ceramic molding, including solvent-based, emulsion-based, high-temperature, medium-temperature, and low-temperature sintering binders. We also offer customized products according to molecular weight, viscosity, Tg, and acid value. We also handle various additives such as dispersants, so please feel free to contact us.

Fritted Glass

We handle high-strength materials for package substrates, high-reflective materials for LEDs, and low-dielectric materials for communication-related applications, etc. We also handle mixed powders of glass and ceramics. We also handle inks that efficiently “diffusely reflect” ultraviolet rays in the 250-400nm range.


Transparent Electrode Film

We provide transparent electrode films for transparent heaters, transparent antennas, transparent large sensors, transparent electromagnetic shields, and transparent FPCs. “CNT Hybrid”, which uses carbon nanotubes, is a product that combines transparency and low dielectric constant. We can propose circuit formation and product processing, so please feel free to contact us.

Films For Optical Applications

Materials handled
AGAR film / anti-virus / writing enhancement film / super water repellent film / high hardness film / OCA (transparent adhesive)
Processing details
Die-cutting / Large-scale vacuum lamination / Slitting, etc.
We can make proposals from material procurement to processing, so please feel free to contact us.

Films For Environmental Applications

We offer a variety of high-performance window films, including the No. 1 energy-saving thermal barrier film “iQue®,” self-cleaning film, and anti-fogging (visibility-enhancing) film. We offer convenient items to solve your problems.

Process Film

We handle films used in manufacturing processes, such as release films and adhesive films. In particular, release films not only protect the adhesive surface of adhesive products, but also greatly affect the quality and performance of the products themselves in the manufacturing process. Please feel free to contact us.

Stainless steel fiber related *NASLON® in the text is a registered trademark of Nippon Seisen Co., Ltd.

Metallic Fiber(NASLON®)

NASLON is the brand name of stainless steel fiber manufactured and sold by Nippon Seisen Co., Ltd., with its unique technology.
NASLON offers not only excellent performance through single applications but also the capability of blending with synthetic fibers.
NASLON has flexibility that cannot be imaginable from the general concept of stainless steel.
One of the best features of NASLON is its processability compared to synthetic fibers while maintaining the properties of a metal.

Metal Filter

These are high performance metal filters manufactured with stainless steel fibers such as “NASLON”,With high strength, high heat resistance and superior corrosion resistance, these filters have good reputations in such varied applications as synthetic fiber, film, resin (monomer, polymer).

Semiconductor Gas Filter

NASclean is a thin-layer metal membrane filter made from sintered micron scale stainless steel fibers (SUS316L).
We take the product from a filter media all the way to the final product, a gas filter used in the production of products such as semiconductors, flat panel display and so on.

Plastics and molded products

Resins and Additive Auxiliaries

We deal in resins (general purpose, engineering plastics, etc.), resin additives (flame retardants, antioxidants, etc.), functional chemicals, processing aids, and other commercial materials used in various fields. Also, please feel free to contact us about compound resins and masterbatches to meet your needs.

Formed Products

We handle a wide range of products, from general-purpose resins to super engineering plastics, thermosetting molding, cutting, and secondary processing (plating and painting) (small lots are also possible). We can handle everything from mold production to prototyping to mass production, so please feel free to contact us.

(Metal) Mold

We can design, fabricate, and prototype molds for thermoplastic, thermoset, rubber, and silicone. Please feel free to contact us.